Four months back, we gave a loan of 1 Lakh to a couple running a garment shop to be repaid in 10 months. As of now, they have paid back four installments on or before the due date.

Image of their Shop in Royapettah, Chennai

Their monthly turnover has more than doubled with the 1 lakh loan. The picture shows the turnover before and after the loan.

A small size garment shop similar to the one they operate needs 6-8 lakhs worth of stock. Currently they are managing stock worth 1.5 Lakhs. They’re losing customers because of inadequate stock. The Ramadan season(or any major festival) presents a big opportunity for garment shop businesses. They’re seeking investment of 3 lakhs for stock purchase on a 60:40 profit sharing basis. Typical margin ranges from 30-40% per item and monthly turnover about half the stock value.

The owners have already invested 2.8 lakhs in the form of

Deposit for the Store: 1 Lakh
Stock: 1.5 Lakhs
Store Interior: 30 Thousand

For a investment of 1 Lakh, you can see returns in the range of 40-60%. The below is projection based on past data:

At the end of every month, profit will be shared on actual values.

Business Managers Profile: Run by a lady entrepreuner with 7 years of experience in retail working for top brands. She observes niqab in the shop and was recommended by the local Madarsa. She’s supported by her husband who’s a revert to Islam and has 20 years of experience in retail. He works on a Managing role for a retail brand in Forum Mall, Vadapalani.

Investment Terms:

1. The investment will be on profit and loss sharing with 40% profit to investors. In the event of loss, the investor should bear loss upto 40%

2. 60 days notice period should be given if the investor wants to withdraw his investment


The Investment terms are subject to the rules of the shariah and any dispute that arises will be resolved using the guidelines outlined in the shariah. 



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