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Access curated opportunities with minimums as low as 60k

How we work


Browse Investment opportunities and select the one you like. Don’t find one yet? Just Contact Us and we’ll let you know when we get more.


Once you select a business, we will help you invest your share in the opportunity. We’ll take care of the process end to end.


Your share in profit will be transferred to your bank account on monthly basis

Why peer to peer investment on profit and loss sharing?

Investment on profit and loss sharing is just and ethical. When the business owners make a profit, the investors are compensated accordingly. Interest based investment are biased either in favour of the lender or the borrower

Business owner who don’t want to deal with interest based investment are at a severe disadvantage since most of the capital is available as interest based loans. People who have savings in their bank and don’t want to deal in interest eventually become part of the system where their savings go on to fund other interest based transactions. ESAF connects Business owners to investors such that the Business gets the investment on profit and loss sharing and the investors get monthly profit. 

Since individuals don’t have the financing capability of the institutions, they can’t fund major investments on their own. ESAF brings multiple investors to pool their money to fund a verified business.

Low Minimum Investment

In peer to peer investment, you can get started with investment as low as 60k

Genuine Ventures

We do the due diligence before recommending any opportunity. All investments are backed by investment agreement and post-dated cheque.

Risk Distribution

You can invest in multiple opportunities so even if one investment doesn’t go as expected, it’ll be offset by profit from other investments.

Real people

We put you in touch with the business owner so you are not giving away your money to a faceless entity. We ensure that the business owners are not just people with expertise but also helpful and deserving.


We monitor the business for the entire lifecycle. Investors get monthly reports with helpful explanations.


We fund businesses in the organized and the unorganized sector. Your investment not only generates profit but goes a long way in helping a deserving business owner make a dignified living.  Read our success stories.